Auping Mattress Studio

In-store installation


Build in 2017 for VanBerlo / Auping , available in 3 stores.
© Video by Auping Nederland

The goal of Auping is clear; Wake up energized every day thanks to the beds, box springs and mattresses of Auping. Together with VanBerlo and SpringScan we developed an unique new in-store experience. A first-ever interactive Auping mattress with connected springs was build, my task to process the data & render it on the touchscreen UI.
Resulting in a reactive touchscreen interface for the physical Auping stores, connected to a smart-mattress. It provides live data from the mattress, generates a PDF & advises the best matching Auping product.

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Auping nights, Better days.

Code base

  • React

  • Redux

  • Realtime Matrress connection

  • React to PDF export

  • Spring data processing