Digital Selling Ecosystem

In-house platform


Build in 2018 - 2019 for HATCH / PVH Europe , available in-house.
© Video by Tommy Hilfiger

PVH Europe has many in-house showrooms located all over Europe, retailers are welcomed in high-end theaters with ultra high-definition 4K screens. They are adapting the business to meet changing needs of the industry, innovating, pioneering and evolving their vision for the future. Nowadays even clothing samples are reduced to just fabrics and many more steps will become digital. It's time for a Digital Selling Ecosystem.

Sample production is cut by 80% in the European HQ.

Together with HATCH I worked on improving and expanding this innovative ecosystem with several newly build tools. The ecosystem blends collection information, sales tools and brand content in seamless (touchscreen) interfaces. It is constantly evolving to meet the customers needs. With focus on bringing greater ease to create, editing and perfecting unique assortments.

Time spend on sales is already being cut because the system allows the user to work smarter, better and faster. Optimising efficiency. After the selection process is complete, a summary is send to the customer's account without additional paperwork or admin needed.

Code base

  • React

  • Redux

  • GraphQL

  • Component Library

  • ES6 / ES7

  • much more ...