Stmpd Rcrds Presave

Spotify powered campaign


Build in 2017 — 2018 for Stmpd Rcrds, now offline.

Martin Garrix and the record label Stmpd Rcrds involved me to build a platform for their fans, using the (for me already known) Spotify Web API. Spotify and its features are growing and their data and algorithm are really important for todays music industry.
I build a platform which gives users the option to subscribe to a Spotify artist e.g. Martin Garrix, or the entire record label. Whenever any of their artists releases a new song on Spotify, all corresponding subscribers will get that song automatically pushed to their chosen Spotify playlist. Resulting in a seamless flow of new music, more “song plays” and higher charts ranking.

No more searching for new Spotify releases — subscribe once & be the first to listen!

The user flow is minimalist; it logs in with a Spotify account, choses a subscription, picks a playlist / creates a new one, agrees & confirms. All ready for the new releases! A simpel CMS enables the client to manage the artists, tracks, releases and more. Custom build so only relevant data and flows are shown on each page, with optional detailed views.

Code base

  • Laravel PHP setup

  • Cron Jobs for Releases

  • Custom CMS

  • Spotify Web API

  • Modular Design

  • Gulp

  • SASS

  • jQuery