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Freelance (Lead) Frontend Developer — Self Employed Jan 2016 — Present

Available for projects which require creative & solid frontend lead / guidance, implementation or ideas. Not just focused on code, but also on quality, design perfection and optimised UX/UI. Been developing for 10 years now, so you could say I'd fit in just fine with a team of digital creatives.

Creative Developer — Gruppr Apr 2015 — Dec 2016

Joined the enthusiastic group of creatives at Gruppr. Adding my development skills and giving a professional opinion in a way I can be of value within the team. Builind a platform for gamers to find gamers with similar interests to play with.

Lead Frontend Developer — TamTam (part of Dept) May 2016 — Sep 2016

Grew from Senior to Lead within the company. Quality assurance, optimising workflows and sharing my knowledge within multiple teams — pushing the projects to its next level. Things like enthousiaste people, building modular frontend frameworks, checking if the final product is as designed & assure overall quality are a few things I’m passionate about. Getting development alligned with design is key and enables us to deliver high standard products.

Senior Frontend Developer — TamTam (part of Dept) Mar 2015 — May 2016

My role ranged from coding projects, to giving talks and guiding peer developers. Worked with peer developers as well as Lead Designers to build the best available products.

Technical Director — Supersteil Feb 2014 — Mar 2015

After some years at Supersteil and a growing studio, I got promoted to Technical Director. Meaning I was still working on project, but also putting more time and effort into directing technical projects and investigation the technical part of the studio. These are things like our workflow and the way we could optimise and automate steps during development. Also, innovating and new (input-) devices have high priority.

Senior Interactive Developer — Supersteil Feb 2009 — Feb 2014

Developing great experiences with PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, for both web and mobile / touch. Always looking for new challenges with which I could raise a project to a higher level. Using as less as images as possible and scripting custom codes optimizes the UX in many ways.

Developer Internship — Supersteil Sep 2008 — Dec 2008

A four month internship at Supersteil in my third your of college. Worked on several projects and learned a lot about Flash and Databases. (Which was cool back in the days.)


Other technical knowledge

Received recommendations

Thijs van Hoof Creative Technologist at Random Studio — Nov 2016

“Simon was a great help for us at Random Studio, working on the Frontend interface of an in-store digital retail environment. He easily adapted to our codebase and had no problems with last minute changes, debugging and requests. Also he was very much fun to have around, hope to have him on board again soon!”

Tiago Nascimento Designer at TamTam — Sep 2016

“This dude is the best front-end and overall development guru I've ever had the chance to work with. 'Impossible is Nothing' its his slogan, Adidas just copied it.”

Adrian Klingen Front-end Developer at TamTam — Sep 2016

“Simon is not only a great mentor who supported me during my internship and graduation but also an excellent developer. He makes designs pixel perfect (even if decimal pixels have been used) and asks all the right questions. When he foresees a problem, either technical or design, he will not hesitate to try and solve them together with the team and client.

He is well organised and communicates everything very clearly to everyone involved.

During the past years I've worked with him on countless projects and I'm proud to have been able to do so.”

Leon van Rees Owner at Supersteil — Jan 2015

“As our Technical Director, Simon is leading our tech team and responsible for making technical decisions for our company. Simon is very precise and his work is highly detailed. For me, it is great to have someone reliable as him within the company.

We worked on several projects together. Simon is very clear in his opinion and does not hesitate to share his thoughts with the team, in order to create great products and gain happy clients. It is very comfortable not having to worry about the quality of someones work.

Hopefully we'll work together on great projects for a long time!”

Glyn Duijzer Owner at Supersteil — Mar 2012

“Simon is a very accurate developer who knows exactly what he is doing. Within Supersteil he is of great value and he knows how to push limits on every level. He understands design and that is what makes him stand out as a developer!”

Dave Valk Owner at Supersteil — Aug 2011

“Simon is one of those Interactive developers who brings your designs pixel perfect to life with no concessions. Fluid animations and custom code are on top of his list if it comes to develop the next interactive experience.

We've worked on several projects together now and I've seen much growth in the last years. I'm proud he's one of the Supersteilers!

Oh, don't ask him if those are images, he will be insulted ;)”

Interested in working together?

I’m always keen on connecting with people and exploring the possibilites of new projects.
My availability depends on planning and the project’s idea, so impress me. Send me an e-mail on and/or connect via LinkedIn and we’l take it from there.

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